Big Scary - Over Matter

Direction & Animation

'Over Matter' is the second single from Big Scary's 2016 release 'Animal'.

Listening to the song, I felt as if I was hearing the white noise of the universe as it was forming, a place of signals and momentum which can't help but take over completely, but couldn't have occurred any other way. I wanted to build this world that spoke to this idea - constructed with signals and trajectories, and to let them develop with their own momentum and find a place of entropy.

I also liked the idea that in referencing some of the widely known aesthetics of microscopy and astronomy, one would expect to see certain familiar elements - be they planetary bodies or particular ways of moving, however the goal was never to create anything in particular but rather to set some rules to particle systems and find the moments of interest between my expectations and the results.

Made with the incredible X-Particles plug-in for Cinema4D and composited in Adobe After Effects.