Big Scary - Twin Rivers

Cinematography & Compositing

Director - Shaun Garland
Producer - Maxine Chaplin, Seaworthy Films
Set Design - Leo Dewitte
Street Scene Mural - Johan Baggio
Praying Mantis - Florence

Twin Rivers film clip, is a story of a praying mantis living in the perils of a modern world.

The sets were designed and constructed by the talented young French architect Leo Dewitte, with the insect's abode based on Japanese architect Tadao Ando's iconic beach house. The street scene features a mural by artist Johan Baggio. The scale used for the sets was 1:20 for the kitchen and street scenes, and 1:50 for the external house. 

The praying mantis in the video is played by Florence. On set the crew would wait patiently for her to move into a good position or give a look with personality. She performed like a star and even gave us an unplanned-for scene by continually moving towards the window, which created the most poignant part of the story. Florence is now retired and is kept as a pet by Shaun & Maxine.