The Project TV

Senior Motion Designer

Since The Project's conception in 2009, Keke along with Michael Carella have developed and expanded the on-air graphics package of the show as well as defined the graphics language for the story segments that make up this multi-award winning nightly news/current affairs show.

Working alongside Claire Lee, Warwick Ferguson and Steve Edwards (and previously including Neil Sanderson, Andres Gomez IsazaTim Costello & Colin JC Johnston), each of us in the graphics department is tasked with producing anywhere between 0 and 60 seconds worth of bespoke motion graphic content every weeknight. The role requires us to break-down and ultimately give clarity to the more information-driven components of a script, which we always seem to do differently every night.

Given the ridiculous total duration of graphics I've produced over the last 7 years (and not all of it particularly spectacular), it's hard to summarise the scope of it all here into one showreel as so much of them rely on the voice-overs and their music beds, which would come across incredibly disjointed when cut together. Instead, here is a grand selection of some of my favourite still images and some video clips, along with the above epilepsy-inducing video of it all condensed into 35 seconds.